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If you’re new to visitor management or already a current customer, we’ve created this blog to help you stay informed with all the latest visitor management industry news and updates. From new feature updates to best practices, we’re here to provide you with relevant, up-to-date information with this visitor management blog.

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hospital patient visitors

How to Handle Hospital Visitors

Hospital Visitor Handling 101 How to handle hospital visitors is a top question for the healthcare industry today. There are new expectations not only for visitors but for hospital employees

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visitor management security

Multi-Location Visitor Management

A Single Visitor Management Solution A multi-location Enterprise faces a host of challenges when it comes to security at each site, including visitor management. Whether your facilities are scattered locally

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Visitor Journey

What is the Visitor Journey?

Understanding the Visitor Journey The visitor journey breaks down the major stages and interactions that a typical person would go through when visiting your organization. Highly successful businesses often make

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COVID reopen the office

Reopening the Office Safely

How to Reopen the Office Merriam-Webster defines the word novel as “new and not resembling something formerly known or used”, and that perfectly defines the situation we find ourselves in

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Lobby visitors

Automate the Lobby

Automate the Lobby It is easier than ever to automate tasks in the office, like sending out emails and scheduling meetings. Automating routine tasks saves a company time and effort,

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visitor alerts

Send Instant Alerts to Visitors

Communicate with Visitors  We live in an age where we are more connected than ever before. Instant notifications from friends, family, social media, work, and news alerts are constantly appearing

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Our customers range from Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, aerospace, manufacturing, hospitals, NFL teams, major universities, biotech facilities, and more. We’ve got the experience and security pedigree to handle all Enterprise needs. If you’re looking for something more specific to your industry be sure to check out some of our industry pages.

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