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Perks of Automating Front Desk Office Tasks

Automating Front Desk Office Tasks

Automating Front Desk Office Tasks

In an increasingly digital era, more companies look for ways to streamline costs, boost production, and free up their employees from mundane ‘housekeeping’ tasks. But what exactly is automation? How does it make a front desk experience easier? And is automation worth the effort of changing current systems and implementing new software? 

What is Automation in the Office? 

Office automation combines both hardware and software solutions that streamline how data moves within an organization. Systems that support automation simplify processes. For front desk systems, they largely automate various administrative tasks. 

It’s also important to note that automation doesn’t mean you need to “replace front desk employees with robots” or go entirely paperless. Tools like BreezN alleviate some of the workload on front desk teams, but it doesn’t replace the people that make a company thrive. 

Automation Improves Accuracy and Security

For many companies, this is the biggest benefit to investing in an automated system. Humans make errors, despite their best efforts. Front desk mistakes can range from misunderstanding a name to letting an unauthorized person into the office. Visitor management systems support security measures by running visitor information through a global database and alerting an employee of a guest’s arrival. All of this can be done with minimal interaction from front desk personnel.

Automation Reduces Costs

By automating processes, businesses cut down on operational costs in the long run. This is due to a number of factors, from seeing a rise in productivity (and thus profit margins) to decreasing the resources needed to address human errors. 

Automation Streamlines Data Storage and Management for Front Desk Teams

Visitor management systems consolidate and simplify data storage while also giving organizations better control of monitoring that data. For example, Veristream provides companies with data storage on private Microsoft Azure environments. This replaces easily stolen or misplaced paper logbooks with a dedicated server and data encryption protocols. 

Office automation can equip teams with faster, more reliable resources while freeing up front desk teams to get creative on how they serve employees and visitors. With Veristream, companies reap the benefits of a secure data environment and automated processes like email notifications and check-in reminders. We’ve helped automate front desk experiences for Fortune 100 companies, hospitals, manufacturers and more. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo with us to learn more about the perks of automating front desk office tasks.

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