Visitor Management for Manufacturing Facilities

Track all visitor activity in real-time to boost security for your staff, facilities, and products. Keep operations moving forward with our compliant visitor management system.

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Squares Pattern Decorative Squares Pattern for Veristream
Visitor Management System for Manufacturing

Visitor Check-In Process

1. Visitor Check-In

Pre-registered visitors can sign in by scanning their QR code or walk-in visitors can manually enter their information at the kiosk.

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2. Visitor Approval

Screen all visitors against watchlists and background checks. A badge will instantly print for approved visitors.

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3. Visitor Check-Out

Visitors check-out at the kiosk with the QR code printed on their badges. Security can now know who’s on the premises at all times.

Manufacturing Visitor Challenges

Some major challenges manufacturing facilities face today include managing operating costs and procedures for numerous locations, handling ineffective visitor check-in processes, and problems with escort policy enforcement.

SV3 Enterprise®, our visitor management software, provides a standardized solution that runs across all locations to reduce the burden on local staff and corporate resources. Easily set new company standards to increase the speed and efficiency of the check-in process, and use printed badges to increase visibility for all escorts.

“Over the past year, Veristream has reduced our visitor management costs by $290,000 through process automation and reducing staff overhead.”
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Steve Dunning
Physical Security Program Manager - Cummins

Visitor Management to Increase Facility Security

Manufacturing companies have trusted us for the last decade to increase facility security and to satisfy their compliance needs by implementing our visitor management system. 

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, all customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit. All data is stored in a unique private environment, not on a shared server to help reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

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ID Scanning

Quickly and securely read an ID industry-standard PDF417 barcode found on any state-issued driver's license to check-in visitors quickly and securely.

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Visitor Badges

Instantly print visitors badges after a visitor is approved for check-in. Badge features include the visitor's photo, your company's logo, and customizable fields.

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Run internal watchlists across all of your sites, run instant background checks, and send instant alerts to security officers when a visitor is flagged.

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Meet compliance regulations easily with our visitor management software. Everything from ITAR, GPDR, C-TPAT, OSHA, and more.

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Sign NDAs

Numerous NDA options are available for different visitor types. Capture a digital signature for visitors signing NDAs.

data encryption

Data Encryption

All data moving in and out of your private environment is encrypted with TLS 1.2 and uses 256-Bit AES encryption while at rest.

"We are an aerospace company with restrictions on access and many policies/procedures that detail the requirements for visitors into the building. Veristream provided a solution that was flexible in application allowing us to address our specific needs and regulated environment. The cost was competitive and it was nice that we could tie the software into our existing screening software to provide a seamless process."
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Justin Hackett
Director of Regulatory Compliance - OECO

Best Practices for Visitors at Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing companies are responsible for meeting strict compliance regulations, and the price for not complying can be steep. We’ve got some pointers on how visitor management can help you meet these requirements. Here are some additional resources to help your facility implement and adopt a visitor management solution successfully.

Understanding compliance regulations

The Consequence of Non-Compliance

Understanding Compliance Regulations Companies devote much of their resources to ensuring that their practices meet compliance regulations. Understanding compliance regulations can be tricky, and requirements

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