COVID-19 Resource Center for Reopening the Office

Our visitor management software is designed to create a safe, secure, and touchless check-in process for all visitors during the COVID Pandemic. 

COVID Workplace
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Enterprise Visitor Management Software

Touchless Visitor Check-In Process

Visitor Sign In Systems

01. Pre-Registration

Visitors receive a pre-registration email with meeting details and a QR code to check-in with.

visitor QR code check in

02. Scan QR Code

Upon arrival, the visitor scans their QR code at the iPad kiosk without having to touch the iPad.

visitor badge

03. Badge Printing

A badge will instantly print for the visitor, reducing the number of touches to foreign surfaces.

Workplace Ready for COVID

At Veristream, we’re committed to helping companies find ways to reopen the office that aren’t difficult or overwhelming. By following the CDC and OSHA recommendations, each company can figure out what works best for social distancing, PPE, and work schedules. When it comes to letting visitors back on the premises, our visitor management software is the perfect solution for managing visitor traffic safely and securely.

Touchless Sign-In

Visitors can quickly and securely scan a QR code to sign-in at the iPad kiosk without having to touch any surfaces.

prescreening questions

Prescreening Questions

Ask custom prescreening questions to address concerns around recent travel history or current health conditions.

social distancing office

Social Distancing

Set up iPad kiosks 6 feet away from receptionist or security personnel to maintain social distancing standards during the check-in process.

reduce staff Covid

Reduced Staff

Many companies will begin reopening with a reduced staff in the office, and our self-check-in kiosks allow for a reduced staff without sacrificing a reduction in operations.

capacity workplace Covid

Capacity Standards

Our pre-registration feature helps ensure too many visitors are not scheduled to be on the property at one time to avoid overcrowding in the office.

visitor tracking reports

Digital Records

Run reports to show all visitors during a specific time frame. This allows your company to notify visitors and to assist local health agencies if an outbreak does occur.

Best Practices and Solutions

COVID-19 and potential future outbreaks pose a big threat to our communities and workplaces, and visitor management can help protect your employees and your business. When it comes to reopening, it will no doubt run on trial and error, but addressing key prevention strategies in your emergency operations plan can help with your reopening strategy.

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Learn more about a touchless check-in process for all your visitors.

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