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Strategies for Contact Tracing and Managing Capacity Limits

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Contact Tracing and Capacity Limits

Industries continue to fluctuate their visitor management strategies in response to the ever-changing COVID data. However, regardless of the numbers, efficient and accurate visitor logs can help keep companies vigilant when it comes to health and safety. Contact tracing and managing capacities will be critical moving forward.

Maintain Efficient Visitor Logs

The first step to contact tracing is knowing exactly who is coming in and out of your building. Everyone — from delivery people to employees — need to be accounted for regularly. By setting up a pre-screening check-in system, companies can get a better idea of the expected visitor count on certain days. Adding pre-screening questions can also give companies the ability to restrict visitor access to those who could pose a health risk. 

Set Capacity Limits for the Office

A key element in reducing the risk for COVID transmission is reducing the number of people in any given space. It’s more than just knowing how many people are in an office. Businesses should know how many people visit certain rooms or floors. A pre-registration feature ensures too many visitors won’t visit the property at the same time, which avoids overcrowding in the office. 

Pre-registration can also be used as part of a larger employee management strategy. Many companies continue to have a phased approach to work schedules. Setting these granular capacity limits helps a business schedule which employees will work on certain days to avoid overcrowding. Should someone contract COVID-19, employees who worked near the infected person can take precautionary measures. 

Manage Check-In and Check-Out for Visitors

Visitor intake times are important, but what’s equally important to maintaining capacity restrictions is having visitors check out. By keeping an eye on both check-in and check-out times, businesses can reduce the potential for overcrowding. 

One of the best tools in combating the spread of COVID-19 is knowing when and how it can spread. Capacity standards and accessible digital records help businesses keep a close eye on potential exposures. Our software assists with visitor procedures and lessens the burden. We’ve fully trained our staff to help companies reopen and prepare to handle visitors again under these conditions. Contact Veristream today at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our visitor management software handles contact tracing and capacity limits.

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