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New Visitor Management Feature – Host Delegates

New Visitor Management Feature Host Delegates

How the Delegates Feature Streamlines Visitor Management for Hosts

Wish another person could manage all of your visitors? This new feature lets you do just that! The BreezN delegates feature allows you to assign another person to manage all of the scheduling for your visitors.

Visitor management is critical for keeping an eye on who comes in and out of your office. However, it’s not always possible to have individual hosts schedule every meeting and accept or reject visitor check-ins. Schedules get busy for many of us, and being able to delegate the visitor management needs helps streamline the visitor process.

Here’s how the delegates feature works

When a delegate is assigned, they’re able to see the main hosts’ visits via the dashboard. They’re then able to schedule visits according to that dashboard and the host’s availability. The delegate will show in the visit record as “scheduled by” which lets the host know who scheduled the visit on their behalf. Delegates can be assigned and/or removed easily from the main hosts’ profile page, giving hosts the final approval in who can schedule visits. 

visitor management feature host delegates

This is a great way to screen check-in requests. Visitors can flow in and out of the building without burdening hosts with the need to schedule and approve check-ins. 

Enterprise visitor management should be easy for hosts rather than burdensome. The host delegates feature gives hosts more flexibility while ensuring that their visitors are still taken care of. To learn more about upgrading your visitor management process, give Veristream a call at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online.

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