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Tips for Improving Your Visitor Security Policy

Tips for Improving Your Visitor Security Policy

How to Improve a Visitor Security Policy

Security plays a critical role in the success of any company. Over the years, security has come to encompass multiple elements — from digital security to workplace health. The need for workplace security rose quickly over the last year due to the pandemic. Here are some tips for improving your visitor security policy and how visitor management can easily manage these new policies.

Remove High-Touch Areas

For years, paper log books have been a blatant security risk for companies of all industries. The pandemic made many security professionals realize yet another evident threat from log books: spreading germs. While this may seem minor to some businesses, hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term healthcare facilities need to prioritize disease transmission at all costs. Swapping the paper log book for a contactless visitor management system streamlines the guest check-in process and eliminates a high-touch area. 

Educate Employees About Visitor Protocols 

Employees should be the first to know about any major changes to security protocol. By educating them on updated visitor protocols, security teams encourage them to play a role in their own safety. Teaching everyone the security essentials also makes it easier for security personnel to do their jobs. For example, if an employee knows a visitor registration process is required, they’re more likely to follow those procedures. This prevents them from inconveniencing both security personnel and their visitors. 

Reiterate the Importance of Notifications 

In the paper log book era of visitor management, guests could check in and linger around the front desk while a front desk employee fetched the person they needed. Most companies don’t have the time or staffing to hand-deliver visitors to the appropriate office spaces. More importantly, unattended front desks create opportunities for security breaches. Effective visitor management systems allow guests to check-in while simultaneously notifying the responsible employee that their visitor arrived. 

Update and Review Watchlists

Security needs and protocols should be regularly reviewed for potential limitations or weaknesses. A crucial part of that review is your company’s watchlist. While most global watchlist data banks are updated by the respective body, your company’s watchlist should be reviewed regularly and with care. Keeping the data updated within your visitor management software helps streamline the visitor experience while keeping your company safe. 

Great security systems protect what’s most valuable to a company — employees, data, product, and visitors. While the basics of security haven’t changed, applying them definitely has. Digital security features are now embedded into software like BreezN, empowering security teams to track both information security and physical security. To learn more about improving your visitor security policy give Veristream a call at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online.

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