Employee Health Screening Software

Employee health screening is a safe way to bring employees back to the office with pre-screening questionnaires, capacity limits, and a touchless check-in process.

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With BreezN as the foundation, we have added new features to create an employee health screening and check-in process. This includes offering features like pre-registration, pre-screening questions, capacity limits, contract tracing, and employee/HR system integrations.

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Employee Health Screening Process

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01. Receive Email Invitation

Employee receives check-in email invitation based on their work schedule.

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02. Complete Screening

Email invitation includes a link to fill out online health screening questionnaire. 

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03. Check-In with QR Code

If employees pass online screening, BreezN generates a QR code to scan at the kiosk.

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04. Get Notifications

Receive instant notification via email or text if an employee fails screening.

Employee Health Screening Features

Health Questionnaires

Create custom pre-screening questionnaires for employees

Touchless Check-In

Touchless check-in process with a unique QR code and an employee's smartphone

Capacity Management

Set employee check-in capacities in real-time by location enforce it in real-time at check-in.

Enterprise Data Sync

Sync data within your enterprise HR and time tracking systems to keep schedules and information up to date

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts when an employee does not pass a screening question

Automatic Notifications

Notify managers when employees check-in or do not pass their health screening questionnaire


Add problem employees to the watchlist to be alerted when they are entering your facility

Compliance Reporting

Audit logs, all data captured from the health screening questionnaires, and at check-in is available in real-time

Screen Before Work

Web based screening lets employees answer the questionnaire before leaving their home for work

Employee Checkout

Employees use their QR code to checkout when they leave for the day, providing full transparency of who's on location

Contact Tracing

Reports offer contact tracing capabilities based on employee location in the office

Employee IDs

Use existing Employee IDs to schedule employee check-ins and run reports to see all previous history

Best Practices for Employee Management and Pre-Screening

Employee health screening solutions are being adopted to help reopen the offie. Our software helps enhance the overall health tracking requirements and keeps employees safe.

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