Visitor Management for Long-Term Care Facilities

Our visitor management system keeps your staff and residents safe with a touchless check-in process for all visitors.

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Long-Term Care Facility Visitation

COVID-19 has created new visitor restrictions for all long-term care / assisted living facilities. Our visitor management system can pre-screen visitors before they enter the building with a custom questionnaire to help prevent sick visitors from entering your facility. It can also pre-register visitors to better manage visitor capacity limits. Create custom reports, simplifying contact tracing, and create a digital check-out process to keep track of who’s on the property at all times.

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Long-Term Care Facilities Visitor Management System

Visitor Check-In Process

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1. Pre-Schedule Visitors

Pre-schedule visitors via email to avoid overcrowding at your facility and to make sure visitors pass pre-screening COVID questions.

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2. Visitor Check-In

The pre-registered visitor will receive an email with a QR code to check-in with at the kiosk, and then a badge will print for the visitor to wear. Walkup visitors can check-in manually without a QR code.

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3. Visitor Check-Out

Visitors will use the QR code printed on their badge to check-out with when leaving. This check-out process creates full transparency about who’s on location at any given time.

Increase Facility Health and Safety with Visitor Management

Various healthcare facilities such as assisted living facilities have trusted us for the last decade to improve their visitor check-in processes by implementing our visitor management system

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, all customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit. All data is stored in a unique private environment, not on a shared server to help reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

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Pre-Schedule Visitors

Scheduling visits ahead of time is a quick and easy way to manage visitor capacity. Visitors will get an email with a QR code to check-in with at the kiosk.

Temperature Scanner

Using our optional contactless temperature scanner you can help prevent the spread of viruses.

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ID Scanning

Quickly and securely read an ID industry-standard PDF417 barcode found on any state-issued driver's license to check-in visitors quickly and securely.

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Visitor Badges

Instantly print visitors badges after a visitor is approved for check-in. Badge features include the visitor's photo, your company's logo, and customizable fields.

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Visitor Location

Individual rooms can now be monitored for visitor traffic to better manage contact tracing needs.

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Run internal watchlists across all of your sites, run instant background checks, and send instant alerts to security officers when a visitor is flagged.

"We use this software for signing visitors and vendors. It is a very smooth process and quick and easy for people to understand. I very much like how we can save people in the system for simple sign in."
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Kenneth Wlodarczyk - Security Officer
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Best Practices for Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have been hit the hardest by COVID visitor policy changes, but visitor management gets visitors back in a safe and controlled way. We’ve put together some additional resources to help your facility implement and adopt a visitor management system successfully.

Safety, security, and convenience at every stage.​

Visitor management that allows you to stay focused on the care for your residents.

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