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Visitor Management for Safety of Long Term Care Facilities


Long term care facilities like nursing homes, senior residences, and assisted living facilities require extra attention and care to their visitor processes. More often than not, visitor management falls low on the priority list, despite teams facing a variety of challenges every day. 

The pandemic has made entire subsections of the healthcare industry reevaluate their priorities for the safety and security of their patients, staff, and all families involved. Here are some key factors long term care facilities should consider when judging the efficacy of their visitor management system:

Visitor Check-In for Long Term Care Facilities Should Be Easy

Managing visitors can be difficult, especially for front desk employees juggling multiple duties. The most effective visitor management systems should, first of all, be easy to use for employees and visitors. By making life easier for everyone working at the front desk, it allows them to focus on visitor and patient relationships and other daily tasks while knowing their check-in process is secure. 

Visitor Management Promotes Health and Safety

Long term care facilities keep residents and staff in close quarters, so it’s critical to ensure that every guest has been screened thoroughly before coming inside. BreezN lets facilities send pre-screening questions via email to verify they’re not experiencing COVID symptoms. If the visitor passes pre-screening, they will be sent a QR code to check-in with at the iPad kiosk upon arrival. Facilities can also run background checks on visitors as soon as they arrive. 

The pandemic caused facilities to add a few more steps to their standard check-in/check-out process, including adding COVID-related questions to a visitor form. Temperature screening with visitor management is another way to ensure the health of those inside long term facilities. Temperature screening is here to stay, and monitoring for high temperatures can minimize risk of exposure to illness. Adding temperature screening to your visitor check-in process keeps everyone safer. 

Have Full Visibility of Who’s on the Property

Whenever a guest scans checks in, the host will get an instant notification via email or text that a visitor is there. Visitor management should also include more than a simple check-in count. BreezN monitors guest check-out times, and assists with contact tracing. 

At Versitream, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities is a top priority. We equip our long term care facility customers with the tools they need to keep residents safe and healthy while giving them the opportunity to connect with loved ones. Contact Veristream today at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our visitor management system can help your facility.

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