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Keeping Your Workplace Technology Connected

Workplace Technology

Workplace Technology

From a CRM to interoffice Zoom meetings to Slack channels, staying connected through technology is a growing priority for most businesses. With so many different pieces, keeping hardware and software properly integrated is a pillar to a company’s success. Tired of siloed technology slowing down your day? There are a few reasons keeping your workplace technology connected are worth the time and effort including better efficiency and tighter security.

What is a Connected Workplace?

Connected workplaces are a network of integrated tools and systems that allow companies to work securely and productively. These workplaces are the result of digital transformation throughout a company. Connected work environments break down organizational silos and other boundaries that hinder work. 

There’s no single perfect technology stack for an integrated workplace. Each company needs to consider its own unique communications needs and challenges. Whichever tools your team decides to use should be rooted in efficiency, agility, and security. 

Why Connected Workplaces are Important

Connected workplaces strive for speed – 

A driving force behind why a lot of companies prioritize integrations is because integrating streamlines existing processes and makes things faster. Take your front desk experience, for example. Old processes have guests arrive, look around for front desk personnel, and sign in through a paper logbook. Front desk personnel then have to track down the employee the visitor needs to see. A connected workplace would use a visitor management software to allow guests to check in via QR code and alert an employee via email that a visitor has arrived. This saves time for both guests and front desk workers.

They double down on security –

Most integrated tech stacks support cloud-based infrastructures. This means they’re made for high uptimes and with data security in mind. By ensuring your tech stack connects, your team minimizes the risk of data being compromised or lost entirely between platforms. 

Integrated workplaces are mobile-friendly –

As of 2018, roughly 75% of Americans report using their smartphones to check work email throughout the day. With the rise of remote work, the importance of mobile devices in staying connected with work has only increased. Integrations in your IT infrastructure mean your employees and visitors can connect with you wherever they’re working from. 

How Visitor Management Systems Support Connected Workplaces

If you use a digital visitor management system, your front desk experience can be a shining example of the power of connected workplaces. Systems like BreezN can: 

  • Let employees or visitors register ahead of time online
  • Cross-reference a visitor to your company’s global security database  
  • Use a QR code to grant access to approved visitors
  • Send email alerts to employees when visitors have arrived
  • Set up calendar events upon booking a meeting
  • Give teams awareness of room capacities and how many guests are in a given space

At Veristream, we believe in empowering organizations with secure, easy-to-use visitor management software. Our cloud-based visitor management system streamlines your front desk experience, freeing your employees up to focus on the tasks at hand. Give our team a call at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo to see how Veristream can support a connected workplace within your organization. 

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