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Things to Know About Visitor Management

visitor management system

Things to Know About Visitor Management

A visitor management system can make a huge difference in how a company’s office appears and functions. From a visitor’s perspective, the check-in software contributes to an overall professional appearance. For the company, the system is a secure barrier between the outside world and the office environment.


How does a visitor management system work?

In today’s modern workplace, a seamless visitor check-in process is expected. Veristream specializes in software solutions that provide your business with just that.

With our visitor management solution, hosts can pre-register guests in the desktop dashboard with ease. The visitor will receive an email reminding them of the time and date of the appointment with a QR code. The QR code is used for checking in at the lobby’s iPad kiosk on the day of the visit. This way, the visitor won’t have to waste time filling out all of the necessary information upon checking in; all of the information is automatically uploaded via the QR code.

Upon signing in, the visitor uses the iPad kiosk to sign NDAs or any other necessary documents. Then, the software takes the visitor’s photo which is printed onto a badge for them to wear so all employees have visible proof that they are permitted at the facility. Simultaneously, the employee who had scheduled this visitor is alerted of their arrival by either an email or text notification. 

After the meeting ends, the visitor returns to the iPad kiosk in the lobby to officially check out. This allows security personnel to know who’s on location at all times and creates digital reports on visitor records. Anytime there’s a security issue or compliance regulation request these visitor records can be easily sorted through and organized. 

What are the benefits of a visitor management solution?        

A visitor check-in system offers a myriad of benefits for your company, including:

  • A positive first impression for visitors

Whether your visitor is a one-time guest or a new vendor, first impressions matter for your company’s reputation. A sophisticated visitor management solution helps keep everyone safe, presents your business in a tech-savvy light, and impresses visitors. This is the positive first impression you want people to experience when they step in the door.

  • Data management and analysis

Goodbye, paper logs; hello, electronic visitors. A visitor management system serves as a tool for increasing your company’s scope and protecting your competitive advantage. It can share information with human resources for tracking employee visitor appointments and contract worker attendance. That data can help the company optimize operationally, know when and where additional staff will be needed, and determine the profitability of repeat visitors. It can also help recognize patterns of vendors or visitors from other businesses whose movements need to be monitored while on the premises.

  • Enhanced productivity

When visitor data is tracked digitally, front office staff are free to complete other tasks. A self-check-in system allows a receptionist to focus on activities with higher priority. Additionally, iPad kiosks at secure unmanned entrances increase productivity for security as well as reception.

Who uses visitor management software?

         Any company that regularly encounters visitors can benefit from introducing a visitor management system.

We work with Fortune 100 companies across the world in nearly every industry to provide them with a secure visitor management solution. Whether your company has 1 location or 100 locations, visitor management provides security and branding benefits that are not possible with paper logbooks. Start creating your personalized visitor management solution today by calling Veristream at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo.

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