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How the Right Visitor Management System Keeps Data Safe and Secure


In the digital era, data security has become equally important as physical security. All visitor data provides value to your company, but in the wrong hands, it could compromise the safety of your guests. Visitors want assurance that when they leave information at the front desk, that information stays secure. Your front desk team also needs to know that their day-to-day operations won’t be complicated by a large-scale security issue. Here’s how the right visitor management system can help your business stay proactive against cybersecurity threats.

Visitor management systems mitigate risks surrounding physical logbooks. 

This is the most obvious initial improvement when you invest in a visitor management system. Replacing physical log books or paper check-in forms with cloud-based data storage makes it much harder for someone to take important visitor information from an unattended front desk. 

Cloud-hosted data is harder to compromise than on-prem servers.

There’s an element of comfort in having a server room next door; some companies like to have their data physically close and might hesitate moving away from on-prem servers. However, cloud-hosted solutions offer 99.999% uptimes, something that can’t be replicated by even the best on-prem servers. Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure come with a team of thousands of dedicated cybersecurity experts who are better equipped to protect your data than an in-house IT team. 

Encryption adds another layer of data security. 

An effective visitor management system will ensure that data is encrypted at all times. BreezN, for example, encrypts data at rest and in transit — meaning if you’re sending or storing data, it’s secure. 

Penetration tests spot potential issues with your software before they ever happen. 

For IT professionals, penetration testing is an important way to be proactive in preventing security breaches. These third-party performance tests run simulated attacks on your software to look for any exploitable vulnerabilities. The results of those tests alert companies to any holes in their data security, giving users peace of mind that issues are handled before they ever get off the ground. 

No matter the size of your business, keeping your visitors’ information secure should be a priority when picking a visitor management system. Our software has helped house visitor data for everyone from Fortune 100 companies to professional sports teams. Visitor management provides security benefits that can’t be replicated with paper log books. Talk with our security experts at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo to see how Veristream can keep your front-desk data safe. 

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