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Why Visitors Hesitate with Your Front Desk Process

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From fresh flowers to inviting colors, your company has invested time and money into creating a warm, pleasant front-desk experience. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, visitors might not feel comfortable giving you information about their visit. No matter how nice your front desk associates are to visitors, some just aren’t willing to hand over the personal information you ask for. Here are a few reasons why visitors might hesitate and how you can overcome these hesitations:

“It’s none of your business.”

This straightforward reason stems from the fact that some visitors don’t want to hand over any personal information. It could be that they feel the questions asked are too personal. If you hear this, ask specifically about what information they don’t want to leave. If this consistently comes up, take a look through the information you’re gathering to ensure that you’re not asking for unnecessary information or personal data you shouldn’t store

“Will my information be safe at the front desk kiosk?”

In the digital era, data safety and information security remain paramount. This is a natural question for your visitors to have. They want assurance that your visitor management software has reliable security protocols — especially if you’re requesting sensitive information like a driver’s license to run a background check. With visitor management software like BreezN, securing visitor data is made easier thanks to private environments within the cloud. You can also schedule when to delete data that’s no longer relevant after a period of time. 

“Why do you need to know this information?”

Data privacy can be just as important to a visitor as data security. Your visitors might want reassurance that you’re not reselling their data or that they won’t wind up on some annoying mailing list. When it comes to data privacy, be transparent. You can offer a digital version of your policy in your visitor management system. You should also make any opt-in or opt-out questions clear. 

“I don’t have time for this!”

Some visitors might be in a rush, late to a meeting, or busy with other events on their calendar. However, this frustration can be avoided with the right visitor management tools. By using software like BreezN, you give your visitors exactly what they need before they ever walk through your doors. Visitors receive an emailed QR code and meeting details to give them what they need for a seamless visit. This streamlines the check-in process both for your visitors and your front-desk staff. 

At the heart of these hesitations comes the need for your guests to know that their information is safe. By picking a reliable visitor management system, you streamline the check-in process and establish trust between your guests and your company. Veristream specializes in providing quality front desk experiences to enterprises around the world. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how Veristream can help.

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