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Why Destination Monitoring is Critical to Visitor Management


For decades, most visitor management relied on knowing who’s coming and going in a building. But due to COVID-19, companies have had to get more granular with the data around visitor management. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, manufacturers, and other industries now have to keep tabs on the following: 

  • Who is coming into the building
  • How long they’re expected to be there
  • Who else is in that room during the scheduled time
  • When the visitor leaves so that someone else can take that space, or so that the room can be properly cleaned when emptied for another group

All of this data has given rise to a need for accurate destination monitoring within a broader visitor management system. 

Destination management paints a more specific picture of safety precautions. 

Pre-2020, the words “building safety” would conjure images of badges, a front desk check-in process, and maybe even a physical log book. In a post-pandemic world, safety now includes touchless solutions, socially distanced events, and keeping a close eye on any potential overcrowding. Monitoring destinations within a building goes beyond the traditional idea of safety and emphasizes the physical health of visitors and employees. 

Monitor capacity within each room. 

The pandemic reshaped how many businesses have defined capacity. Sure, they could have 50 visitors in the building, but putting those 50 visitors in the same crowded conference space? That’s a safety hazard. BreezN gives teams the ability to set capacity limits on certain rooms to avoid overcrowding. 

Discover ways to reconfigure underused spaces. 

Tracking destinations in your visitor management software gives insights into which rooms or floors are most frequently used — and which ones aren’t. Businesses have had to reimagine how to configure entire office suites. A spare conference room, for example, becomes overflow office space to avoid overcrowding. By using destination data, companies can see more accurately where visitors aren’t going, so they can figure out how to evenly space everyone within the building or floor.

Destination monitoring is the first step towards contact tracing. 

Should someone within an organization get sick — whether that’s with COVID or other infectious illnesses — it’s imperative to know where that person has been and with whom. By using the destination feature, companies can look at which visitors were in close proximity to an infected person. They can then take proper precautions without disrupting the entire business flow. 

Granular details like where exactly a visitor goes within your building might seem like excessive information. However, there’s rising importance to tracking that data due to the pandemic, and destination tracing has quickly become a priority across all industries. Your employees and your visitors keep your company moving, and their safety should remain a top priority. Talk with one of our representatives today about how Veristream can help you better monitor your visitors. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our software can be customized to fit your needs.

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