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Visitor Management Market Growth Through 2025

visitor management market growth

New Office Trends

Visitor management market growth is expected to nearly double over the next six years, and we’ve been established as one of the key players in this study. Here’s an article that takes a deeper dive into the future of VMS.

Our visitor management software can help with:

  • Security

    Our VMS, BreezN, can help increase overall security for your employees, facility, and data. Enjoy peace of mind knowing who is scheduled to come in for that day and remain aware of who is on your property at any given time. Those marked on a watch list or flagged from a government background check will also be barred from entry. We encrypt your data from end-to-end, meaning whether your data is in transit or at rest, it’s protected. Our hosting on the Microsoft Azure Cloud provides your company with its own unique, private environment leaving you less liable for data attacks compared to our competitors.

  • Workflow

    Visitor management can help with increasing the workflow efficiency, by helping to eliminate wasted time and reduce overall business spending. Enhancing and maximizing workflow is a direct result of things like quick visitor check-ins, instant host notifications, and real-time reporting with exportable and shareable capabilities.

  • Branding

    When a guest arrives to meet with you, your lobby sets the first impression they have of your company. By using a digital check-in system for your guests it gives the impression you’ve invested in the image of your brand, thus your company must be worth investing in itself. We also provide branded kiosks, so the design featured on the kiosk can match the brand standards established by your company.

Modern Office Technology

We’re proud to assist our customers ranging from hospitals, biotech, pharmaceutical, Fortune 100, NFL, major universities, manufacturing facilities, financial institutions, and everything in between when it comes to managing their visitors.

Improve your security, workflows, and branding with a sophisticated visitor management system from Veristream. Contact us today at 888-718-0807 to learn more about visitor management market growth or schedule a product demo.

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