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Enterprise Visitor Management ID Badges – Where to Wear

Visitor Management ID Badges

Visitor Management ID Badges – Where to Wear?

When setting up an effective visitor management system, enterprises need to establish protocols that maximize their system’s security. Two important elements to using visitor management ID badges is knowing how and where visitors are required to display their badges. Most people intuitively place their ID badges on their left – in the same spot one places their hand when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This is because approximately 90 percent of people are right-handed, which makes it easier to attach a visitor badge on the left side.

The goal is to make sure visitors are easily identified at-a-glance by enterprise employees and security personnel; continuity is key here. For this reason, deciding on the location that visitors are required to wear their ID badges requires some forethought.

Visitor ID Badge Protocol

Before deciding on the protocol for wearing visitor ID badges, some preliminary decisions need to be made regarding their design. A color background that changes daily will provide immediate confirmation that the badge is legitimate. Some visitor management systems offer a variety of visitor ID badge options that incorporate details such as different color backgrounds and strategically placed photos taken the day the badge is issued, which reflects the clothing that the visitor was wearing the day they were approved for access. For large, multi-tenant enterprises, such seemingly nit-picky details will be important in making sure your visitor management protocol is universal and works optimally.

Where Should Visitors Place ID Badges

Positioning is important for employees and security. Knowing where to spot the ID badge when they encounter a visitor with whom they are not familiar is a valuable strategy. The left lapel may or may not be ideal for making a quick assessment of whether a visitor should be on the premises or in a particular area of the facility or not.

When located on the right lapel, the ID badge is well positioned for viewing when the visitor extends their hand for a handshake. This makes it easy for a staff member to reach for their hand, glance at the badge, and make eye contact during the handshake, all in one smooth motion.

However, wearing a badge on the right side may cause the label to wrinkle during the handshake, and could affect how well it stays on and how readable it is. Attaching it to the left lapel makes it easier to read while passing people in a building hallway or trade show aisle.

Lanyard Badge Options

Many enterprises have visitor ID badges that are worn on a provided lanyard, around the neck, or on the right front hip while in the building or on campus property. These badges are good for visitors who are concerned about damaging their clothing with a clip on badge, and since they are visible on the chest or front of the hip, they should be easy to spot.

The badge and lanyard should be fully visible and not obstructed by clothing; some enterprises provide lanyard badges that may be worn using a clip on accessory for visitors who have safety issues with the lanyard.

Whichever ID badge style you select – clip or lanyard – you want to make sure that it is most easily viewed at-a-glance by company personnel. Also, consider the ID badge’s positioning on a variety of bodies. Women may take issue with a lanyard positioned too low, drawing viewers’ eyes to her chest when they’re trying to read her name.

No Exceptions Policy

In a nutshell, you want your visitor ID badges to be highly visible while offering the least amount of discomfort to your visitors. Make your visitor ID badge-wearing policy one that is “no exceptions,” or the system will not be able to provide the protection from unwelcome guests. 

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