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Visitor Management and HITRUST Certification


If security is a priority for your medical company, then HITRUST certification should be on your radar. The Health Information Trust Alliance set forth a number of extensive goals that overlap with HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST. For many businesses, HITRUST represents the top-tier security certification because of its comprehensive nature. However, because of that extensive nature, HITRUST compliance is hard to come by. 

Why HITRUST Matters 

The Health Information Trust Alliance, while not a framework itself, created the Common Security Framework (CSF), a certifiable framework that harmonizes a number of other critical healthcare standards. By meeting the CSF, organizations can standardize how they meet other requirements like HIPAA. 

HITRUST also helps vendors prove their security while also streamlining security and compliance reviews of third-party vendors. This allows your organization to analyze vendors and mitigate risks based on that information. 

As previously mentioned, CSF is extensive — covering 19 different domains of security. In addition to those 19 domains, there are 135 specific controls that must be met in order to meet HITRUST compliance. 

One element in that network of controls is a physical security element, specifically how healthcare organizations monitor their visitors. Rather than build a compliant visitor management system from the ground up, companies like Veristream can meet multiple controls at one time, thanks to a secure infrastructure. 

How Veristream Supports HITRUST Compliance

An effective visitor management infrastructure should be rooted in security. That’s why we offer the following features in our BreezN system: 

  • Approval of visitors by establishing a pre-registration system. 

  • Giving visible identification to visitors with their photo and pertinent information regarding their presence in the building. 

  • Granting specific access to visitors to support security requirements. 

  • Running all visitors through a watchlist, sending alerts to security personnel should a visitor’s status be revoked or denied. 

  • Storing visitor data on a secure, cloud-based infrastructure where it can be accessed for a specified period of time in conjunction with particular frameworks. 

Veristream offers reliable assistance to meet several Physical and Environmental Security controls for HITRUST compliance. Our BreezN visitor management system meets the following HITRUST identifiers:

  • 1801.08b1Organizational.124
  • 1856.08bPCIOrganizational.12
  • 1807.08b2Organizational.56
  • 1846.08b2Organizational.8
  • 1847.08b2Organizational.910
  • 1856.08bPCIOrganizational.12

At Veristream, we’ve been helping hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical companies transition to a secure visitor system that’s tailored to meet their compliance needs. Give our team a call at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo to see how Veristream can transform your visitor management experience.

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