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Top Questions to Evaluate a Visitor Management System

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Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions. Is your business equipped with the right tools, workflows, and procedures to solve these problems? We’re not new to vetting, screening, and validating visitors. From interviews, vendors, contractors, all the way to food delivery: you need to know who is in your buildings and why. If you think that you need to update and refresh the way your business manages everyone who is not an employee; we’re your huckleberry.

Finding the right solution that unifies tools, workflows, and procedures doesn’t need to intimidating; we’re literally the experts. We can quickly and securely scan an ID, notify your employees their guests have arrived, and credential them with a badge. While all of that is quickly happening; we also bring 40+ years of security pedigree (Thanks parent company!!). What we mean is that we’re scanning IDs and doing more than just keeping a record. We do almost instantaneous internal watchlist checks, background checks, and sexual predator checks.

Sounds great or maybe you don’t need all of that? We can design a solution for your needs, and yours alone.

Read more about what Security Magazine has evaluated to be the top questions to evaluate a visitor management system.

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