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Tips for Branding Your Visitor Check-In System

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A visitor’s experience with your brand starts as soon as they step foot into your lobby. Whether it’s a prospective client or the mail carrier, you want every visitor who walks through your doors to have a consistently positive experience. An easy way to ensure that is by taking your company’s brand elements — logo, color schemes, brand voice — and applying them to your check-in process. 

Why bother having a consistent brand experience? 

  • It develops your brand identity and helps differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Consistency establishes trust with visitors and customers. 
  • A distinctive voice or feel humanizes your company in the eyes of your visitors. 
  • It’s easier for a new audience to relate to a brand with a strong brand identity.

While your visitor management and marketing teams might not work together often, they’re the perfect pair to create a seamless visitor experience. Here are a few branding elements to consider when customizing a visitor management system: 

Get creative with how you talk to visitors. 

Every brand has a voice, a way they communicate with customers and employees. This voice can be friendly, snarky, fun, professional or technical depending on the target audience. A more formal brand tone might customize their kiosk to say “Welcome” rather than a more casual “Hi! Thanks for stopping in.” A company’s marketing team can provide guidance on what the brand’s voice is to maintain consistency. 

Custom employee check-ins that support your internal branding. 

Company visitors aren’t the only ones who deserve this cohesive branding. Employees and business partners should have a seamless experience as well. Most companies have specific language they use for internal communications, and thus, their own ’employee brand voice’. Visitor management systems like BreezN allow for custom employee and visitor workflows. This gives your visitor management team the opportunity to create a branded employee check in, speaking in a way that’s unique to them. 

Regardless of your industry, branding remains an essential element to a visitor’s experience with your company. At Veristream, we’ve helped create branded visitor management solutions for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, hospitals and even NFL teams. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our software can keep your visitors engaged with your brand from start to finish. 

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