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The Essential Building Security Checklist

Essential Building Security Checklist

Putting Security First

Veristream’s goal is to increase building security across the world, and we’ve created an essential building security checklist to help companies increase security. It is the responsibility of commercial office properties to take proactive measures to keep employees, tenants, visitors and contractors safe from potential security threats. Even if your building has taken the time to put proper security protocols in place, including a comprehensive visitor management system, take a few moments to review these suggestions.

Essential Building Security Checklist:

  1. Are all entrances and exits, including HVAC points, delivery docks, parking garages, and main entrances visible to security personnel, and require an approval for entry?
  2. Are the outsides of the building, the parking garage, all walkways, stairwells, and lobbies adequately lighted and are all these of areas free from obstructions?
  3. Do perimeter surveillance cameras have direct and unfettered access to all points of concern, without interference from art work, sculptures, fountains, delivery vehicles, shrubs, and trees?
  4. Are surveillance camera cords secured from tampering?
  5. Is video surveillance footage saved for a minimum of 3 months?
  6. Are dumpsters and other trash receptacles secured with proper locking mechanisms?
  7. Is the building’s address clearly marked from the main street, and not obstructed by vehicles, plants, or trees?
  8. Are visitors, contractors, and delivery personnel required to be screened or checked-in prior to entry?
  9. Is the building’s visitor management system reliable, and required to be used by all personnel onsite, including building management, tenants, and security personnel?
  10. Is the personal information of visitors kept secured as required by personal information privacy laws?
  11. Does the visitor management system used have the ability to be updated in real-time with new additions to the Barred Visitors list?
  12. Do visitors to the building have to be pre-registered by host administrators?
  13. Is visitor identification verified and scanned to check against barred visitor directories?
  14. What is the standard protocol for security and receiving personnel in the event that an individual from the barred visitors list arrives onsite?
  15. Do all building tenants and security personnel have the training necessary to identify and report potential security threats?
  16. Can employee access cards be immediately disabled in the event the card has been lost, stolen, or the employee has been terminated?
  17. Have doors with key locks been re-keyed after the termination of an employee that had a key?
  18. Can an evacuation list be accessed quickly from a mobile device in the event of an emergency?
  19. Does the evacuation list include all visitors and contractor personnel currently onsite?
  20. Do all tenants and employees know the expected route of evacuation and where to go in the event sheltering onsite is necessary?
  21. Does each tenant have a designated evacuation team leader to assist in the event of an emergency?
  22. Does the evacuation team leader know the location of individuals that may need assistance in the event of an evacuation or sheltering?
  23. Have multiple evacuation routes been determined and all maps updated?
  24. Have security personnel been trained to use the Emergency Fire List to alert first responders of the number of individuals in the building?
  25. Is the onsite mail room secure from unwanted individuals and are packages adequately secured?
  26. Have building personnel and tenants been trained to identify suspicious packages received?
  27. What security protocols are in place to handle a suspicious package received?
  28. Have security personnel and tenants been trained and empowered to question visitors onsite that are not displaying proper badges as required?
  29. Does security personnel and building management team have the contact information of their peers in neighboring buildings?
  30. Do security personnel know how to shutoff utilities in the event of an emergency?

Be sure to check these items against your building’s current building security checklist and update if necessary. Contact the security professionals at Veristream 1-888-718-0807 to learn more or schedule a demo today.

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