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Streamlining Visitor Management Systems Across Multiple Locations


If your company has multiple locations, there’s a good chance that employees, delivery personnel and guests visit more than one of those locations. Regardless of the locations they visit, they should enjoy the same seamless check-in and checkout experience. Having a visitor management system that handles multiple locations provides a variety of logistical, safety, and security benefits. 

Cloud systems offer centralized data storage

Rather than needing data storage unique to individual locations, a cloud-based visitor management system consolidates that data into one reliable private environment. There’s no need to maintain proprietary on-prem hardware per location. No servers, no network gaps, and no application maintenance per location. 

Global watchlists enhance overall security

A threat to one location is a threat to all locations — and a company’s reputation. Global watchlists ensure that anyone not allowed on company premises isn’t granted access. The global watchlists can also notify other locations’ security teams of potential threats.

Customize user permissions per location

Some locations have different needs compared to their sister locations. It’s important to find a visitor management solution that allows for customized local user rights. 

Get up and running faster 

Once you set up a trusted visitor management system at one location, it’s easy to duplicate the same process across every location. Your team knows what to expect and already has a better idea of which locations work best for the kiosk.  

Give guests the same brand experience regardless of location

A multi-location visitor management system also impresses your visitors with a standardized check-in process. You can elevate that front desk experience with branded elements — from check-in email to kiosk interface. By making a cohesive front desk experience across your locations, you establish a trust between visitors and the brand as a whole.

By investing in a visitor management system like BreezN that can handle multiple locations, your company will see an increase in productivity and security. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our software provides valuable insights on all your visitors.multiple locations

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