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We live in an age where we are more connected than ever before. Instant notifications from friends, family, social media, work, and news alerts are constantly appearing on our phones and in our news feed. Have you ever left your phone somewhere and experienced that feeling of being disconnected? We’ve grown accustomed to feeling connected and informed at all times, that when we go without that connection, something doesn’t feel right. One major area that still hasn’t caught up to this level of connection and communication is in the workplace. Of course, we get emails all day long, Slack notifications, and calls, but what about the ability to receive instant alerts from your company or a company you’re visiting?

Many Enterprise companies do use alert management systems to be able to send instant text messages to their employees, but what about the companies that don’t have this in place? And whether in place or not, what about the visitors on location when an alert needs to be sent out? Our latest announcement feature development now allows companies to be able to instantly communicate with all visitors keeping everyone informed at all times if an incident occurs.


How Does It Work Now?

In today’s workplace, we often see one of two challenges facing companies when it comes to visitor notifications. First, with a traditional paper logbook, it is impossible to provide instant notifications to all visitors, vendors, and contractors if an incident occurs. From a security standpoint, this would be a worst-case scenario for an incident to happen and to have no way to directly communicate with all people on the premises. Upgrading to a visitor management system, allows security personnel to not only have a view of every visitor on the premises in real-time but with our announcement feature, it gives the ability to instantly notify all visitors if something were to come up.

The second scenario we often see is most Enterprise companies have procedures in place on how to notify their employees but cannot do the same with visitors. A paper system for signing guests in was a convenience when it was first introduced. At the time it did provide companies a new level of transparency and record-keeping ability; however, in the instant, digital age we live in today, paper logbooks don’t provide the same benefit they once did. Now using a digital check-in system, companies can have the same communication standards for visitors as they do employees. Sending out an instant text and/or email to all visitors currently checked-in is as easy as click the announcement button, type your custom message, and hit send.


Raising Communication Standards

Visitor management is no longer a luxury item, it’s quickly becoming a necessity if companies want to provide the highest level of security possible. From preventing visitors that appear on government-issued watchlists, to providing full security transparency, visitor management goes above and beyond what a paper logbook is capable of. If a security incident takes place at work, an entire investigation will be done after the fact to see where the blame is to fall and what could have been done to prevent it and/or lessen the impact. Tools like visitor management exist to help with security issues, and with our announcement feature, companies can now instantly communicate with visitors in a way that is not possible with a paper system.

We have over a decade of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world and have assisted them in establishing visitor protocols and procedures. A digital check-in system is more than just a high-tech feature for a modern lobby, it’s the way for a more secure workplace for both employees and visitors. Talk with one of our Veristream security experts today at 1-888-718-0708 to learn more or  schedule a demo to see how our software works.

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