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Security Officers Integral to Workplace Safety

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9/11 brought a new perspective on safety in the workplace and multi-tenant buildings. The security industry has become an important associate to many enterprises, and businesses across the country have taken measures, such as installing visitor management systems, access control, surveillance cameras, and better-trained security personnel, to improve the safety of the office.

Today’s security professionals perform a wide range of functions. No matter what role they hold, though, they need to be flexible and react quickly to critical situations.


Security officers are often called on to serve as security guards. Organizations contract security guards to protect employees and visitors within the building from outside threats of property theft and violence. Hiring a qualified security guard can help save businesses money in lowered incidents of theft and violence, as well as in property insurance costs.

Surveillance Officer

A surveillance officer anticipates potential threats and prevents a shady suspect from entering the building, removing them if they’ve gotten in and/or notifying law enforcement if the situation becomes dangerous. Surveillance officers focus on specific locations of the building they deem vulnerable while gathering evidence that may be needed later. Evidence may include witness testimonies and data collected by the visitor management system to create an audit trail of who was in the building when the problem occurred.

Patrol Officer 

Security officers can find themselves acting as a patrol officer while tending surveillance on more than one location. Patrol officers are typically furnished with a patrol car when touring from one site to another, and the mere presence of a patrol vehicle will often scare off criminally-minded individuals.

Emergency Response Officer

Emergency response officers are imperative when a disaster occurs. They’re expected to handle dangerous situations until the proper authorities arrive. An emergency response officer supervising a property where a fire breaks out, for instance, could play a critical role in minimizing harm to people and property. The emergency response officer needs to have the experience and insight to handle any situation, and secure the property until the emergency response team arrives.

Keeping your business safe and secure requires a combination of security measures that work together to create a line of defense. Schedule a demo or call 1-888-718-0807 for more information on security solutions for your business.

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