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Save Time and Money with Visitor Management

save Money with Visitor Management

Save Money with Visitor Management

A growing number of organizations are taking advantage of their visitor management system’s ability to meet compliance requirements, and saving time and money with visitor management. This feature is important for contractors who are unable to travel to the employer’s central office but are required to complete an induction before accessing the work site.

Where required, visitors can complete a mini induction upon arriving at a facility through the self-serve kiosk. And while contractors and suppliers are also required to sign in and out of the company’s visitor management system electronically, they can complete the induction remotely if their worksite is away from the headquarters office.

Improving the Induction Process

In the past, the induction process has always been a manual one. Inductions were attended and completed manually, and when the process was completed, the information – including completion date, expiration date, pass or fail details – was then transferred manually into an in-house register for each contractor.

Technology has made the process available electronically, and the results are saving companies time and money. Time previously spent gathering individuals in an office boardroom to complete the induction can be spent completing the same process online, allowing contractors to log in to any computer and complete the process at a convenient time and location. Once the induction is completed online, the contractor is e-mailed a certificate confirming a pass or fail.

Contractors who pass the induction are given final approval to start work and clearance to access the job site; those that fail will be automatically denied access to the job site.

If the induction is good for a 12-month period, the contractor will receive an email 30 days before the end of the 12-month period, reminding them to complete an updated induction for the following year. If the contractor does not complete the updated induction within the 30 days, they will automatically be denied access to the location.

Electronic Induction Can Save You Money

Employers report that the online induction process is saving them up to 48 hours weekly, and if that is based on a weekly wage at $20 per hour, the potential savings can add up to as much as $960 per week.

Your visitor management system can complete unlimited inductions for employees, contractors, suppliers, volunteers, teachers, and virtually any individual who must complete an induction process in order to work for your company. If you are interested in how to save money with visitor management, contact Veristream at 1-888-718-0807 to speak with a representative or schedule a demo.

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