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Multi-Location Visitor Management

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A Single Visitor Management Solution

A multi-location Enterprise faces a host of challenges when it comes to security at each site, including visitor management. Whether your facilities are scattered locally or internationally, ideally, you want a single visitor management solution able to meet the demands of every location you’re monitoring. Choosing a single solution to use companywide reduces training costs for the time it takes to learn multiple systems. Stay uniform with centralized reporting, easily standardized visitor policies, and run real-time reports from a global dashboard.

“When I thought about needing to know who was on-site, this was the most innovative solution I knew of for such a task,” stated Brian Phillips, Associate Director of Physical Security, Technology, & Integration. For Alexion Pharmaceuticals, one of the key attractions to Veristream was the reduced demand for the company’s own staff. “Our global security team is the security support for most of our sites,” Phillips said. “Most are very small in headcount, so they don’t have a dedicated person to help. Having a secure online system where I can say, ‘Hey, just hit this URL and you are up and running,’ was important to me. Anywhere we can rely less on support from IT, we are trying to go that route. If I can support it from my end by having that secure online system, it works better for me and for IT as well.”


Low-Risk, High-Reward with Visitor Management

Once you have purchased BreezN, our visitor management system, the next question is when and how to implement it. Whether you have a single location, 35 across the US, or 250 international sites, the process for implementation is the same regardless of locations. By purchasing our software, it is easily set up for numerous locations at once. After purchasing hardware for each location, all that’s left to do is set up admins and an employee database. Our team assists with onboarding and training to set you up for success.

Most adoption strategies are associated with varying levels of low-high risk and low-high cost, but with visitor management, the risk and cost are low. The risk associated with switching from a paper system to a digital check-in system is low.

Using a direct adoption strategy to remove the paper logbook and replace it with an iPad kiosk has low risk. Even if you wanted to run them parallel, the first day would show how easy and convenient the digital system is to use for visitors and your staff. A pilot strategy is good if you’re hesitant to deploy the system across all of your locations at one time. We then assist you with an implementation strategy, that pilots the program at a single location for 30 days, and then creates a plan for the remainder of your locations to come onboard within the first year.

The cost also remains low throughout the entire partnership. The software runs on an annual subscription, and we price per location, not per kiosk. Some of our competitors will charge a software subscription per kiosk, so if you’ve got 3 entry points for 1 building, you could be paying 3x the amount for a single location. The cost can add up quickly if all of your locations need numerous kiosks.

Uniform Visitor Check-In Process

Enterprise companies have come to us for the last decade to find innovative ways to solve their visitor management problems. It is no easy task to manage operating costs and procedures for numerous locations. Handling ineffective visitor check-in processes and problems with escort policy enforcement, only make this management more challenging.

Our visitor management software provides a standardized solution that runs across every location to reduce the burden on local staff and corporate resources. Will Ellis, Senior Technical Analyst, of AMB Sports + Entertainment, which manages organizations like the Atlanta Falcons told us, “We have numerous sites throughout our company, and all have been implemented seamlessly. This product has enabled us to better manage our visitors while also increasing our security. Overall, we have had an outstanding experience with Veristream. The support as well as the product has been top-notch.”

Competitive Advantage:

Veristream solutions are being used across the globe to increase security and reduce operational costs. Cummins recently realized an annual savings of nearly $300k by automating manned entrances. Contact Veristream at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to speak with our experts about what a visitor management system can do for you.

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