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Multi-Location Visitor Management Solutions

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Multi-Location Enterprise Visitor Management Solutions

Multi-location enterprises face a host of challenges when it comes to security at each site, including visitor management. With the following tips for selecting the most effective visitor management solution to meet your organization’s needs, you can develop a strong and effective security plan for your business.

Whether your facilities are scattered locally or internationally, a uniform visitor management system that meets each location’s requirements is a must. Below are tips on what to look for in a multi-location, visitor management solution:

Find a single solution for all of your locations

Optimally, you want a single visitor management solution able to meet the demands of every location you’re monitoring. Multiple systems increase deployment and training costs and can require expensive middleware to organize data for centralized reporting. A single visitor management solution should work uniformly across all locations and time zones to meet the diverse needs of each facility without custom development.

Deploying visitor management to multiple locations

When deploying a visitor management system to multiple locations, you need to update each site efficiently and uniformly, understand how the licensing works and configure location-specific hardware, such as kiosks, barcode scanners, RFID scanners, web cameras, badge printers and other peripherals. Make sure hardware vendors can support your locations and equipment in remote areas.

A multi-location employee database

Ensure the solution accommodates location-specific administrators to maintain the employee database and support a centralized control method across multiple locations, either through an active directory or single sign-on.

Establish multi-location visitor policy protocols

Each location may require its own visitor management protocols. Your system should support personalized policies at the individual location level to support the unique environment, needs, and employees.

Multi-location real-time monitoring

With multiple locations, you may have a mix of offices, operational centers, distribution and logistics warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Your visitor management system should be able to access real-time data at each site, run reports, and have a dashboard that displays current activity at one or more sites.

Real-time updates across multiple locations

Your visitor management solution needs to access real-time updates from every location, support real-time updates and changes, and be able to deploy all changes instantly with no downloads or IT resources required.

Run reports from a single system versus various systems

Extracting data from multiple systems that do not communicate with each other, or using data structures that are inconsistent across the enterprise, prohibits productivity and drives up costs. Your visitor management system must generate reports for any location, any group of locations, or all locations across any period, and quickly determine how many people are on-site across one, a few, or all locations in real-time.

Your visitor management solution should support the streamlined administration and visitor workflows in a single account, and be flexible enough to scale and personalize to meet your requirements. It should allow administrators to deploy, manage, and control all user access, visitor management policies, ID badging, personalization needs and feature availability for any location, anywhere in the world, from a centralized dashboard.

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