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Emerging Security Technologies

Emerging security technologies

Security Technology Trends

Emerging security technologies, especially in the world of Internet of Things (IOT) systems, are changing physical security as we know it. Emerging threats, the latest criminal techniques, terrorism, and hostile activism are just a handful of today’s drivers of change.

Transforming Electronic Security Systems

Physical security systems are being tasked with controlling multiple new and emerging threats. Given the growing capabilities of emerging IoT technologies, security professionals are becoming better equipped to transform electronic security systems to protect people, data, and physical assets in corporate settings. However, corporate security staffs that operate, manage and monitor electronic security systems need to be trained on how to use security systems equipment.

Studies indicate that only a small percentage of the overall capabilities of today’s electronic security systems are being used. Compounding the problem is how the IoT movement currently in the works will intensify the issue.

Smart IoT Sensors

Smart IoT sensors are fast developing into essential security devices for commercial and industrial security systems. Analysis indicates that by 2020, the total number of IoT-connected sensors/devices could exceed 50 billion. In financial terms, current projections maintain the global market for IoT stood at $16.3 billion in 2016, and forecasters place that figure at $185 billion by 2023. While the percentage of these figures directly related to physical security is uncertain, some studies on the IoT physical security marketplace expect physical security will become central to IoT technologies within facilities.

IoT sensors capable of monitoring unusual conditions, detecting threats, and responding to those detected threats are already being developed and implemented in smart building construction.

Integrating Security Controls

The greatest challenge security professionals face is integrating traditional threat monitoring, intrusion detection, threat response, and other security controls with the predictive security sensor systems that IoT sensors and devices enable. Some of the primary areas for IoT physical security system applications include:

  • Environmental sensors
  • Perimeter monitoring and protection
  • Secure tagging of company assets
  • Security systems tamper protection
  • Visitor and employee tracking

Cumulatively, these applications will substantially increase data gathered on the physical environment for which security is provided. Furthermore, automated drone security patrols can be expected to interact with IoT sensors to increase the capabilities of modern physical security. The combination of these technologies and the monitoring data it produces will have a profound influence on the industry. There can be no doubt that scrutinizing this influence substantiates the projected 34+ percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the global physical security technology market in the next three years.

Large organizations experiencing a heightened level of risk are becoming the first to integrate these sophisticated technologies into their physical security schemes and will be the most likely to succeed. Increased remote monitoring and sensing capabilities are expected to significantly impact physical security processes and procedures.

Emerging technologies will have a profound impact on all levels of physical security. For security professionals, this means developing a solid intelligence base on new and emerging technologies—critical to developing strategic and tactical responses to maintain continuity of operations. Contact Veristream today 1-888-817-0807 to see how our enterprise visitor management software can help your company, or schedule a demo today with one of our security professionals.

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