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Improved Mobile Visitor Management Experience

Visitor Management

Mobility Improves the Visitor Management Experience

The need to manage visitors has become a security priority for most businesses. As such, manual visitor enrollment protocols are quickly being replaced by automated and integrated visitor management systems to help protect employees, visitors, assets, and property. The automated visitor management system confirms visitors’ identities, compiles relevant information about their visits and allows real-time integration with access control and other security-related systems.

Visitor management mobility has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including improved visitor management and enhanced visitor experiences.

Mobility Improves Visitor Management Systems 

Unlike the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend where employees have personal phones with corporate email access, mobility for a visitor management system means specific functionalities are placed in the hands of a mobile security team member. Typically, a rugged hand-held phone or tablet allows staff to register new visitors, confirm the identities of pre-registered visitors, and exchange information with the company’s central visitor management system. A mobile printer allows visitor badges to be provided from mobile locations.

Proponents of mobile visitor management systems point to the operational efficiencies and flexibility provided, including visitor check-in from any location (e.g. remote entry gates, distributed facility locations, parking entrances, etc.). These mobile systems are ideal for outdoor events and other temporary needs. Essentially, mobility creates efficiency.

Mobility Enhances the Visitor’s Experience

Increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the visitor check-in process allows your company to tailor specific operational procedures that match the needs of visitors and employees. A growing number of companies are shifting away from paper logbooks and using a digital system to welcome and sign-in visitors.

Increasing security measures have become synonymous with long lines as well as a decreased, positive visitor experience. Implementing a mobile system increases security and can also increase efficiency simultaneously. Visitor management speeds up the check-in process and avoids last-minute complications and disappointments.

If you are interested in implementing visitor management to improve your induction process, contact Veristream at 1-888-718-0807 to speak with a representative about our services or schedule a demo.

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