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Implement a Visitor ID Badge System

Visitor ID Badge System

How to Implement a Visitor ID Badge System

Establishing a building security protocol doesn’t end when you deploy your visitor management, access control, surveillance, or other physical security systems. Meeting security goals means utilizing the many features today’s technology offers. One of the most under-utilized features is the visitor badge capabilities of your visitor management system. Implementing a visitor ID badge system is an easy was in to improve security transparency. 

If your company already issues visitor ID badges at check-in, how do your employees and security staff know how long a visitor has been in the facility? Is the visitor is authorized to be there on any specific day or time? There are several ways to ensure a visitor’s ID badge is current, which is critical when it comes to knowing that all visitors are authorized to be in your facility.

Limit Visitor Timeframes

Companies that choose to limit the amount of time a visitor is allowed to remain in their building can use stick-on or clip-on badges. Expiring visitor management badges look like regular ID badges and provide a clearly visible indicator – a distinct pattern or color, for instance – when a badge is no longer valid. Temporary badges can be programmed in time frames measuring hours, half-day, one-day or one-week time frames, depending on your organization’s security needs. In addition, your visitor management system can also issue ID badges with a different color background representing the day of the week or month, if this option is better suited for your security needs.

ID Badges to Meet Every Need

Many different styles of expiring and color-coded badges are available for most visitor management systems, including handwritten badges, computer printable badges, badges with expiring tokens and more. Typically, most people don’t try to re-use a badge that has visibly expired, which eliminates the need for front desk staff members to retrieve badges as visitors depart.

Expiring ID Badges

Time-specific, expiring badges work with a back piece printed with special ink affixed to a front piece. The ink slowly soaks through and migrates to the surface of the badge, leading to the visible indicator that alerts staff to an expired badge. For organizations that allow access to a variety of visitors, including outside sales reps, contractors, delivery personnel, employment seekers and others, expiring ID badges provide an extra layer of security.

Your visitor management system provides a host of options for keeping track of everyone in your facility at all times. Multiple expiration timeframes can be set up, and expiring badges require no additional software or hardware. Temporary badges can be customized with your company’s logo or any other design you choose. Most importantly, they provide at-a-glance identification of visitors who overstay their welcome.

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