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How to Create a User-Friendly Visitor Management System

user-friendly visitor management

Keep Visitor Management User-Friendly

Some visitor management projects are unsuccessful because implementation does not consider how the user interacts with the system and related hardware, among other reasons. Here are a few way to create a user-friendly visitor management system:

Language Requirements

Especially for enterprises with worldwide locations, rolling out a new visitor management system that doesn’t conform to various language needs is an exercise in futility.

Audits and Compliance Requirements

Whether you are already aware of regulatory requirements or new rules have been added, your visitor management system should be able to automatically satisfy compliance regulations in any district.

This means:

  • ID badges need to print according to the host’s compliance regulations (i.e. timestamp, name of employee being visited, visitor photo, etc.).
  • The visitor management system must have the ability to produce a historical report of visitor check-ins, including the legal documents they have signed.
  • Any new legal documents that need to be signed for a specific visitor must be presented upon check-in.
  • Introduction of a new legal template must be made available to all locations globally where one generic document will not suffice.
  • For specific legal documents, the ability to send an email copy of the signed document to multiple recipients wherever necessary must be available.
  • The ability to counter-sign a legal document during check-in, in order to make it valid and legally binding, is a necessity.

Functionality and Usability

Your visitor management provider should introduce the features and functionality that will make getting signatures on documents easy.

Experienced Professional

Finding an experienced provider who understands compliance issues and the importance of meeting these needs can save you time and money when developing your business’ custom visitor management system.

We’ve got experienced professionals ready to help your company elevate your check-in process to the next level. Satifisy the needs of your guests and check-in protocols with our customizable software. Schedule a demo today with one of our sales reps or call us at 1-888-718-0807 to learn how to implement a user-friendly visitor management system.

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