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Enhance Your Brand Appearance

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Easily Enhance Your Brand Appearance

Office lobbies make a lasting impression on visitors, especially those who enter your facility for the first time. Your lobby is the first space they see when they enter your facility, which is why it is so important for the lobby to be an impressive and practical space that projects the image you want to convey.

Here are 4 reasons your lobby should be designed to impress:

1. The opportunity to make a great first impression

Visitors make a summary judgment about your organization the moment they walk through your front door. If they walk into a clean, organized space that is easily navigated, you’ve sent a positive message before the visitor has even checked in. A visitor management system that automatically checks guests in with a swipe of their driver’s license provides visitors with a sense of security, which also reflects well on the company. Displayed industry awards or framed articles about your business are also a plus. Worn out or dated furnishings can negatively affect visitors’ perception of your business. Messy tables or a cluttered reception area give visitors the impression that your operation is chaotic.

2. Provide employees with an inspiring workplace environment

Not only do lobbies create an enduring first impression on visitors, they also affect employees’ attitudes. Studies reveal that the workplace environment has an impact on overall productivity and job satisfaction. Your lobby design defines your organization’s philosophy and brand; you want it to send a positive message to your visitors and staff. Everyone’s confidence in the organization is elevated when they walk into an appealing space each morning.

3. Take full advantage of lobby space functionality potential through design

Maximize your lobby’s functionality through design. Incorporate an area to double as a meeting space or to entertain guests, add comfortable furnishings for guests to wait, and incorporate a product wall for visitors to look over and familiarize themselves with your company’s merchandise.

4. Use the office lobby design as a branding tool

Every business owner understands the value of branding opportunities in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. Your lobby is a perfect opportunity to present the company’s personality, style, and philosophy to communicate their brand, values, and mission. Your lobby’s lighting, colors, and furnishings go a long way toward representing the corporate image you’d like to project. Whether that image is casual, formal, traditional, modern or sophisticated, utilize your lobby space to represent your brand.

There are a number of ways to create a lobby space that can benefit your organization in a variety of ways. Make sure not to overlook the value a well-designed lobby can bring to your organization. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to learn more about how to enhance your brand appearance.

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