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Do You Need a Visitor Policy at Work?

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Visitor Policies for Today’s Enterprises

Most security-conscious organizations have a policy in place for workplace safety and security, but not always for visitors. Even with a visitor management system implemented, you should have a clear and concise policy for visitors at work. Such policies not only protect the safety and security of your workplace and employees, but they protect your visitors as well.

Why Establish a Visitor Policy?

Visitors wandering through company facilities pose many risks. They can distract employees, impede productivity, cause accidents, and be exposed to hazards. In addition, outsiders who enter your facility can increase your risk of theft, violence, industrial espionage, sabotage or even terrorism. Establishing policies for workplace visitors can help maintain safety and security standards.

What Should a Workplace Visitor Policy Include?

To be effective, your workplace visitor policy should consider the following questions:

  • Who within the company has the power to authorize visitors and areas that are off-limits to all visitors?
  • Are visitors required to sign in and out? Must they present a photo identification, and if so, what type? Do visitors receive identification badges, carry visitor passes, or require an escort while on the premises?
  • At what times do visitor restrictions need to be heightened (i.e. during non-working hours, key operations, or following a natural disaster or terrorist alert)?
  • What procedures are to be followed by employees who have a legitimate reason to visit the premises after work hours? What are the policies for employees who are on leave, and employees who work from home who need to stop by? Do temporary employees follow the same access rules as permanent employees?
  • What are the rules for former employee visits?
  • Are vendors, contractors, and suppliers required to sign-in through the visitor management system? Do they receive a color-coded or expiring visitor ID badge? Do they require an escort?
  • Does your visitor policy address friend and family visits? What about emergencies in which a friend or family member must see an employee immediately?
  • May visitors bring cameras, cell phones equipped with cameras, and other recording devices into your building?
  • Should supervisors challenge unescorted visitors without a proper ID badge, or should they contact security staff to deal with these situations?
  • What disciplinary action should be imposed for employees who violate the visitor policy or observe violations but do not report them?

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