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Digital Visitor Management is Here to Stay

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Every year, promising software bursts onto the scene with each new fad in business only to disappear within a few years. For many industries, it’s tempting to ignore these digital solutions because of how frequently everything seems to change. One trend, however, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere: the transition from manual, paper-based visitor management to a digital visitor management system. 

Within the last year, hospitals, manufacturers, and long-term care facilities have transformed their front desk processes for a variety of reasons — from security to health and safety. Here’s why an investment in digital visitor management solutions is a smart long-term idea. 

Low-touch or contactless solutions will remain a priority. 

As the pandemic continues, public concern over high-touch areas and cleanliness of facilities remains. But even once the pandemic’s impact starts to wane, visitors will want a reassurance that your check-in process is as clean as possible. Visitor management systems offer low-touch solutions that reassure visitors of a safe, clean check-in process as soon as they step foot in your location. 

Visitors will expect pre-registration as a standard instead of a novelty. 

From entering virtual queues to prevent crowding in stores to booking digital reservations for theme parks, pre-booking a visit won’t be going anywhere either. Pre-registration benefits both visitors and companies. Visitors get peace of mind that they’ll be able to enter a building or room at a certain time, and companies can monitor capacities from one centralized software. 

Automating a process means saving time and money.

Streamlining and automating visitor registration means that you can reduce the processing the cost of each visitor, and those savings add up over time. The added security of cloud-based visitor management software also means saving on costs that are more difficult to measure, like security breaches. 

Cloud-based visitor management improves data security for your visitors and business. 

Speaking of security, data security remains one of the biggest priorities for companies across industries. Paper check-in systems can leave your company vulnerable to physical data loss. Without a digital backup, you have no way to get that information back. Even if you have a computer-based system, hosting valuable visitor information on your own servers can expose your company to a data breach. When selecting a visitor management system it’s important to choose one that doesn’t leave your company vulnerable for an attack. Choosing a cloud-based solution like BreezN equips your business with its own private environment to ensure high levels of data security. 

Effective, efficient and reliable visitor management systems aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. At Veristream, we’re committed to future-proofing our customers’ front desk processes with dependable, easy-to-use software — giving them benefits for years to come. Contact Veristream today at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo online to see how our visitor management system can help. 

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