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Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management

Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management

Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management Capabilities

As a multi-location business owner, you understand that no two locations and their visitors are alike. So how do you design your visitor management system so that it can help each of your locations meet their unique branding, check-in, documentation and badging needs?

In order to avoid a negative experience and added expense, your visitor management system platform needs to allow for the following scenarios:

  • the ability to check-in a visitor without a host having to physically be at check-in
  • present the visitor with two (or more) language choices
  • see the visitor in “real-time” in all the locations they visit
  • identify visitors promptly and create distinct visitor ID badges

Many applications have fallen flat under the weight of these kinds of requirements. Being able to develop an application with the proper requirements depends on the platform you choose.

No Servers

For starters, your visitor management system platform should be cloud-based. That means no servers, no network gaps and no application maintenance. Establish your visitor management account, link your locations and you’re ready to begin. If a change is made to improve the customer experience, all of your systems – whether they are on PCs, iPads or a combination of the two – automatically update.

Make the User Interface (UI) Reflect You

Branding is key to adoption. If your visitor management UI doesn’t represent your location, users won’t understand it, and personnel tasked with building the company brand will be disappointed. A cloud-based visitor management platform allows non-technical users to ply their creative skills for location-centric appeal. Company images, logos, color code matching, and slideshows can all be changed with a couple of clicks.

No-Developer Configuration

The cloud platform places configuration in the users’ hands. Administrators can design and compose the visitor management UI they’d like visitors to interact with to present visitors with customized questions, documents to sign, hosts to be notified (by email and text), and more. If visitors grumble, an administrator can make changes on the fly and observe the visitor’s response. Once the administrator discovers an experience that works, he or she can save, copy, and repurpose it to other locations.

Developing a multi-location system does not need to be challenging. Contact Veristream at 1-888-718-0807 to see how custom multi-location visitor management works, or schedule a demo online with us today.

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