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Compliance Regulations Satisfied

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Visitor Management Simplifies Compliance

Two critical components of electronic visitor management systems are their ability to track visitor data electronically for analysis and meet compliance requirements smoothly. Visitor management reports can provide organizations with valuable information that can be scrutinized to identify visitor trends in a particular building or across multi-location enterprises.

Most systems have the ability to generate custom reports that can be easily shared with security personnel, who benefit from knowing who is (or was) in the building at any given time, and how long a visitor remained on the premises after check-in.

Manual Systems Fail to Meet Compliance Requirements

Old school visitor management log books simply cannot provide the information required to meet compliance requirements, much less offer detailed insight on visitor patterns due to the manual nature of data collection and reporting. Attempts to meet compliance regulations in a manual system can take numerous staff hours, and they can still fail to meet regulations.

Manual log books issue visitor passes bearing the date and time of check-in, as well as the names of the visitor and host, but this information is not properly recorded often. Additionally, visitor compliance policies are handed out in 2-3 page typed documents detailing rules such as no smoking on the premises and washing hands upon entry. It is not well chronicled how many visitors actually read the document and understand its contents.

Electronic Reports Help Establish Patterns and Solutions

Electronic visitor management reporting helps organizations look for patterns and establish alternatives to ensure visitors understand compliance rules. A simple graphic image, for instance, with just a few words, can make accomplishing this much more effective.

Compliance regulations can vary from one location to another, so electronic visitor management reporting is essential for getting it right.

Six electronic visitor management compliance reports that help companies meet their requirements include:

  • Evacuation Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Reporting
  • Visitor
  • Contractor
  • Induction

Electronic visitor management reports provide complete data on every visitor that enters a facility. Contact Veristream at 888.718.0807 for more information on your electronic visitor management system options, as well as scheduling a demo.

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