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Business Objectives Enabled with Visitor Management Data

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How to Meet Business Objectives with Visitor Data

In addition to serving as an important security tool, visitor management can double as a business enabler – a way to increase an organization’s scope and impact on security, improve compliance management, and protect strategic competitive advantages. The advanced technology features of today’s visitor management systems provide unlimited data for processing and analysis, security needs, and various company-wide objectives through the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) initiatives.

Visitor Management Data Analysis Recognizes Internal Patterns

Visitor management begins gathering data when a visitor registers or pre-registers for a visit. The more registration compliance information and key performance indicators (KPIs) the system captures, the more capable companies are to pinpoint security issues before they arise. Visitor management systems can also analyze traffic flow patterns and streamline facility planning and operations.

By capturing a visitor’s standard personal information, as well as pertinent information about their visit, through a visitor management system, data analysts can be alerted to any number of potential threat patterns and discoveries.

Share Visitor Management Data with Managers

The visitor management system can share information with building management and facilities directors to provide them with key movement patterns around the facility, the volume of visitors on particular days, and peak lobby traffic times.

It can share information with human resources for tracking employee visitor appointments and contract worker attendance. Visitor management data can help companies optimize operationally, know when and where additional staff will be needed, and determine whether repeat visitors to a specific employee are resulting in increased purchases from your company. It can also help recognize patterns of vendors or visitors from other businesses whose movements need to be monitored while on the premises.

Visitor management has come a long way from its manual paper log beginnings. The potential for businesses to analyze and use data collected from its visitor management program can conceivably be used to boost the business’s agility, growth, and innovation, while further strengthening its security measures.

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