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Branding Your Visitor Management Kiosk & System

Visitor Management Kiosk and System

Visitor management systems accomplish many positive things for a company’s professional image. The welcoming streamlined and efficient check-in process, a visitor management system creates a professional experience that visitors appreciate and remember.

Branding Your Visitor Management System

Many companies leverage positive perception visitors have of a well-orchestrated visitor management process by branding the experience that makes it even more professional. Customizing your visitor management system to associate your business’ brand with the larger community can create an added positive impact on visitors’ perception of your organization.

You can customize visitor management systems in a variety of ways with community-oriented branding that can easily be changed daily, weekly, or as desired. Something as mundane as checking in can go a long way when it comes to making a lasting impression. Branding is a powerful tool that can be integrated into almost any kiosk or visitor management element to significantly increase its effectiveness and value.

Branding Opportunities Can Influence Your Business’ Image

Use visitor management branding opportunities to enhance an emotional connection to an event or occasion that influences the community. For example, if your business is located in the host city for the Super Bowl, you may decide to add one or more branded images relative to the event to your visitor management kiosk, visitor ID badges, or even the pre-registration web page. Images featuring the local stadium and the teams playing in the big game, or the Super Bowl logo alongside your company logo, will create a sense of connection between your company and the anticipated event.

Moreover, you can incorporate brand images in your visitor ID badges along with your company logo to further remind the consumer of your brand. Visitors will associate their enthusiasm with your business even after they’ve left the building to these visuals.

Branding to Connect with the Wider Community

Visitor management branding can have a long-lasting impact on your company’s image and can be applied to many opportunities. If your town or city is celebrating a bicentennial, for example, or a popular touring show is playing locally, branding it in your visitor management system tells visitors that your business supports the community and shares its enthusiasm.

In addition to a professional, streamlined check-in process that visitors appreciate, you create a positive visual connection with the community that makes visitors’ interaction with your business memorable. Visitors feel welcomed at reception and leave with a subtle, indelible connection between themselves and your company. 

Begin creating your custom, branded visitor management system today by contacting Veristream online, or by calling 888-718-0807.

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