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Automate the Lobby

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Automate the Lobby

It is easier than ever to automate tasks in the office, like sending out emails and scheduling meetings. Automating routine tasks saves a company time and effort, allowing skilled employees to work on more important assignments. Forward-thinking companies know that task automation will keep them competitive in today’s economy.

One area that could be improved with task automation is the lobby. The lobby is the first point of contact with customers, making it the first place to set a good impression. In many buildings, however, the front desk is home to a receptionist who is juggling callers, appointment books, guests, and a visitor logbook. That sets a frantic tone that can last for the remainder of the guest’s visit. Today’s visitor management solutions give your lobby a more welcoming experience for visitors, and it keeps your receptionist and security staff more organized to maximize efficiency.

Replacing Paper Logbook

For a modern business, visitor logbooks are simply outdated. After a visitor signs in, the receptionist then wastes time by copying the information into a database. Moreover, logbooks pose a security threat to all visitors that sign-in. Their information is unprotected and viewable by anyone who walks into the lobby. It is nearly impossible for receptionists to monitor visitor logbooks at all times while also answering phones, receiving deliveries, and distributing mail. This is where a visitor management system assists with privacy protection and staff efficiency.

Benefits of a Visitor Management Solution

An electronic visitor management system (VMS) is software that organizations use to monitor and manage guest and vendor activity. Usually, a cloud-based service, a multi-functional VMS provides an extra layer of physical security that a visitor logbook is incapable of. Consider the following features of a VMS:

  • Printed Visitor Badges

One of the most important features of a visitor management solution is its ability to print time-specific visitor badges. These badges allow your employees and security staff to easily identify how long the visitors have been in the facility as well as who they are there to see, keeping sensitive areas secure. For organizations that allow access to tens or even hundreds of guests each day, visitor badges are fundamental.

  • ID Scanning

Visitor management kiosks can scan ID cards and automatically run them through internal watchlists, background checks, and sexual predator checks. If a visitor is flagged, security officers receive an instant notification of the visitor’s pending approval.

  • Visitor Reports

Since a VMS is digital, it can easily automate visitor reports. These reports are then accessible for auditing purposes, ensuring compliance, and business objectives. Also, emergency personnel who need instant access to evacuation reports are available as well.

Modern Lobby Solution

An automated visitor management system setup in your lobby makes every visitor feel welcomed. It also tells them that you take their security and the security of your employees seriously. A sophisticated visitor management solution like BreezN helps keep everyone safe, presents your business in a professional, tech-savvy way, and impresses visitors. This is the positive first impression you want people to experience when they walk through your front door. Contact Veristream today at 1-888-718-0807 to schedule a demo and learn more about the benefits of automating your lobby.

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