Create a Safer Hospital Space with Visitor Management Software

Discover a more efficient check-in system that puts health as its top priority.

healthcare visitor management system
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Hospital Security Trends

Ensuring the safety of your hospital’s patients and staff remains crucial to the health of your entire community, particularly during this pandemic. However, only 42% of all hospitals use a visitor management system to track who is coming into and out of their facilities. Front desks still struggle under the weight of high-touch surfaces from paper logbooks or sluggish digital check-in systems.


COVID Visitor Restrictions

With COVID-19 weighing on everyone’s minds, low-touch digital systems are now a crucial part of the health and safety of your entire hospital environment. Veristream gives your staff, patients and visitors peace of mind about the safety and security of your hospital as soon as they walk through your doors. Whether you’ve got one location or several, give your patients and visitors the same high-quality experience every time.

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With Veristream, You Can:

  • Assign visitors to individual patient rooms.
  • Securely integrate with electronic health records.
  • Monitor who has checked in and checked out of specific areas, even down to a patient room.
  • Keep closer track of visitor capacity limits.
  • Create a digital check-in and check-out process that reduces touchpoints and person-to-person interactions.
  • Increase hospital security with customized watchlists and background checks.
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and encrypt visitor data hosted on a secure cloud environment.
Squares Pattern Decorative Squares Pattern for Veristream
Healthcare Visitor Management System

Visitor Check-In Process

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1. Visitor Check-In

Pre-registered visitors can sign in by scanning their QR code or walk-in visitors can manually enter their information.

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2. Visitor Badge

A badge will instantly print for the visitor. Featuring the visitor’s photo, custom information, and your company’s logo.

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3. Visitor Check-Out

Visitors check-out at the kiosk with the QR code printed on their badges. Security can now know who’s on the premises at all times.


"We use this software for signing visitors and vendors. It is a very smooth process and quick and easy for people to understand. I very much like how we can save people in the system for simple sign in."
healthcare visitor management
Kenneth Wlodarczyk - Security Officer
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Safety, security, and convenience at every stage.​
Visitor management that allows you to stay focused on your primary goal: the care for your patients.
hospital visitor management system