Visitor Management Case Study - Bluegrass Supply Chain Services

Learn how Bluegrass Supply Chain is using our visitor management software to improve front desk efficiency and overall security.

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Bluegrass Supply Chain Services

Contract logistics provider for automotive and food manufacturing companies


Supply Chain


Bowling Green, KY



manufacturing visitor management


1. Unprofessional and ineffective check-in process
2. Time-consuming tasks associated with visitor check-in
3. Security vulnerabilities


1. Digital process speeds up check-in and impresses visitors
2. Automated process frees up time for other tasks
3. Security tightened up with ID scanning, watchlists, and less distracted employees

Front Desk Efficiency and Security Improvements

A quick and easy visitor check-in process is a necessity for any great company. We work with companies like Bluegrass Supply Chain Services to improve front desk efficiency and safeguard their facility from potential threats. Our visitor management solution, SV3 Enterprise®, is designed to improve business workflows by optimizing lobby operations.

Bluegrass is a contract logistics provider located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The company aims to improve its clients’ operations by adding value to various stages of their supply chains. Bluegrass offers services that include Transportation Management, Value-Added Warehousing, and Manufacturing Support.

Lobby Branding with Visitor Management

Since their focus is on improving the business operations of its clients, Bluegrass Supply Chain Services understands the importance of a good first impression. A visitor management system checks guests in by scanning their driver’s license to elevate security and check-in efficiency. Branding opportunities are essential in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. The integration of a digital check-in system communicates your company’s brand image well in the eyes of your visitors.

Before making the switch to SV3 Enterprise® (BreezN), Bluegrass’ check-in process was extremely limited. “We were using a form made up on Word and it didn’t look very professional. It was just a piece of paper on a clipboard,” Anessia Stewart, Accounting and Administrative Specialist at Bluegrass said.

With a seamless check-in process and the ability to instantly print badges, visitors feel impressed and valued. “I’m very satisfied with it, and it seems like every visitor who comes in is quite impressed,” Stewart said. Good impressions lead to better customer relationships and potential customer referrals.

“I’m very satisfied with it, and it seems like every visitor who comes in is quite impressed”

visitor management

Save Time and Increase Front Desk Security

The benefits of implementing a digital check-in process are endless for enterprise companies. Automating the day-to-day, time-consuming tasks associated with running a business is economical and eliminates hours of lost productivity. An investment in an automation system conserves dozens if not hundreds of hours in lost staff time each month. Stewart said,

“This system has definitely freed up a lot of my time so I can be more productive.”

Visitor management systems are far more sophisticated and have become more capable of streamlining office tasks. Employees can pre-register visitors in advance with today’s powerful and intelligent visitor management solutions. Plus, visitor check-in and check-out times are electronically recorded and stored in the system’s database, so they are easily accessible anytime. This makes compliance audits more efficient and accurate to avoid costly fines.

Many federal high-rises and office buildings that experience a high volume of visitors deploy a dedicated visitor management station to prevent bottlenecking at the building’s entrance. Veristream’s software is extremely user-friendly, which keeps them moving effortlessly since it’s easy to understand.

In high-traffic areas, a receptionist or security guard should not be distracted with things like visitor check-in and check-out. These distractions can lead to security vulnerabilities. Technology advances like visitor management increase overall security for visitors and employees.

Visitor Management Industry Leaders

Veristream has been providing visitor management solutions for Enterprise clients since 2008. We are grateful to be trusted by companies like Bluegrass Supply Chain Services and other manufacturers, and Fortune 100 companies across the globe.

Learn why manufacturing facilities choose us to improve front desk efficiency, replace ineffective visitor check-in processes, and increase overall security.

Security, compliance, and convenience at every stage.

Improve front desk efficiency and overall security with visitor management.

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