Visitor Management Case Study - Boys & Girls Village

See how Boys & Girls Village is using our visitor management software to improve their visitor sign-in process.

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Boys & Girls Village

Non-profit founded in 1942




Milford, CT



tracking visitors


1. No way of knowing who was on location at any time
2. Slow, manual badge writing process
3. Staff’s attention pulled away from treatment and services


1. BreezN's live dashboard provides instant visitor transparency at all times
2. Badges printed instantly after visitor checks in
3. Automated check-in process freed up staff’s time

An electronic visitor check-in process enables Boys & Girls Village to work more safely and efficiently

Offering a quick and professional check-in is the mark of a great company. Visitor management solutions can actually make the process more efficient than ever while offering a beautifully automated experience for guests. We specialize in a visitor management software, BreezN, designed to do just that.

Employees can pre-register visitors in advance, providing less disorder and reducing wait times surrounding the check-in process. Visitor check-in and check-out times are electronically recorded and stored in the system’s database, where they are easily accessible at all times while they remain within your company’s configured retention period.

Our customers operate within a wide range of different industries and locations across the world. Located in Milford, Connecticut, Boys & Girls Village specializes in providing behavioral health, vocational, educational, and permanency planning services and trainings to local at-risk youth and their families.

Boys & Girls Village first reached out to Veristream to solve problems that they faced on a daily basis in the office.

“Before, we had a system where visitors signed a form and we’d have to write out a badge, but there was no way to track who was coming in and out, or where visitors were going”

Amanda Canuelas, the Facilities Coordinator of Boys & Girls Village told us, “Veristream was able to solve our issues as far as tracking visitors and the price was right.”