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Increase Workday Productivity with Fast Visitor Management


Workplace Productivity Improved with Technology

Did you know that 70% of the workday is spent sub-optimally? Translation: people are wasting time on the job.

Time-sucks like email, expense reports, and meetings with no actionable items wreak havoc on productivity. Add tedious administrative tasks, like managing visitor activity at your building with paper logs or outdated systems, and workflows come to a screeching halt.

Using fast visitor management is a simple solution to manage time, making work hours count. Below are a few strategies a visitor management system (VMS) implements that enable better use of the clock.


Eliminate Paper Trails

Goodbye, paper logs; hello, electronic visitors. Traditional sign-in sheets are notorious for slowing things down and cause a negative ripple effect for record keeping. Assuming you have a working pen, handwriting is often difficult to read, information is incomplete, and looking up data is nearly impossible.

A visitor management system instantly turns your guests into digital data. When you check in with a tablet or desktop dashboard, data entry fields become required and ensure that information is captured correctly. Future data retrieval is effortless and fast.

Efficiently Pre-Schedule Visitors

Do you currently call your reception desk to announce the expected guests? Or, do you send an email chain, hoping all have been alerted? Not only is this process slow, but it’s also outdated.

With visitor management software, a host can preschedule visitor(s) in the desktop dashboard sending the intended guest(s) a unique QR code to be used upon check-in. As a result, visits are instantly populated in the dashboard calendar. Upon arrival, Visitors simply use a smartphone and scan the code at a kiosk tablet. This “signs” them in, as well as notify the host employee…all in under 5 seconds.

Instant Notifications 

Whether a visitor scans a government-issued ID, scans a QR code or manually enters personal information, a text and/or email alerts instantly notifies the host of visitor arrival. A visitor photo is captured at sign-in and sent with the notification, eliminating guesswork when locating your visitor in the lobby. Additionally, badges are printed with the click of a button, easily identifying your visitor, as well as describes the reason for their visit. Consequently, there is no need for handwritten nametags, increasing efficiency and reducing time.

When you onboard a visitor management system, you’re adding a team member. When you leverage your team, you are able to properly allocate resources. Because of this, productivity is enhanced and essentially, more money saved. Want to know how Veristream can help your time savings? Our visitor management solution, BreezN, is not only fast – it’s secure, compliant, and easy. Contact Veristream today 1-888-817-0807 to learn more or schedule a demo with one of our security professionals today.

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