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The Subtle Benefits of a Visitor Management System

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Visitor Management Benefits for Enterprise

It goes without saying the main goal of a visitor management system is to properly and effectively check visitors into your facility, track their movements while they’re on the premises, and check them out when they leave. The aim is to protect employees, visitors and property from outside threats. Thus, regulating visitor traffic both entering and exiting your facility is a key tactic in achieving this goal.

While different businesses have different motivations for installing visitor management solutions, the primary goal is the organizations’ desire to keep uninvited or unwelcome visitors out.

Added Security and More                                                  

When a security director or business owner purchases a visitor management system, it stands to reason that they understand all they are acquiring – an added layer of security, a dependable system for recording and storing visitor information, and a way to keep track of who is on the property. While these are the primary reasons businesses invest in visitor management, there are additional benefits that are less obvious.

Good First Impressions

A visitor management system makes a good first impression to guests, visiting clients, and everyone else who enters your lobby. For most businesses, the visitor’s first impression of an organization is formed when he or she first walks into the lobby and interacts with the receptionist.

What does your lobby or reception area tell visitors about your organization? Is there a manual logbook visitors are asked to sign when they arrive? If they receive a visitor ID badge, is it professional and branded with your company logo? Or worse, do your visitors walk in and see no one at all? Nothing makes a visitor feel less important than entering a building lobby and finding no one in sight to greet them or answer their questions.

A visitor management system makes a good first impression the moment your visitors walk in the door, and whether the visitor is a UPS driver or a potential investor, first impressions matter.

An automated visitor management system installed at your entrance or lobby makes every visitor feel welcomed. It also tells them that you take their security and the security of your employees seriously. A sophisticated, multi-functional visitor management solution helps keep everyone safe, presents your business in a professional, tech-savvy light and impresses visitors. This is the positive first impression you want people to experience when they step in your door.

Veristream’s Solution

Improve your customer service, security and visitor management with a sophisticated visitor management system from Veristream. Contact us today at 888-718-0807 to learn more about the integrated technologies we offer or schedule a product demo.

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