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How to Streamline Your Check-In Process

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Offering a quick and professional check-in is the mark of a great company. Visitor management solutions can actually make the process more efficient than ever while offering a beautifully automated experience for guests. Veristream specializes in software solutions designed to do just that.

Visitors Benefit From Streamlined Systems

A visitor access control system is great for your business, but it helps the guests as well. Your visitors will enjoy:

Less disorder: Sending emails ahead of time with clear and specific instructions for checking in, as well as directions to their destination within the building, can be done automatically with a visitor management system. Providing clear and concise calls to action prior to their check-in will enable a quicker, more efficient process.

Reduced waiting time: As visitors arrive, their individual host will be notified, saving even more time and allowing for quick and personalized preparation. Not only does reducing wait time help your visitors, but it keeps your office more secure by reducing the amount of visitors in your lobby and keeping exits clear.

A professional experience: With the seamless VIP integration and ability to instantly print badges, your guests are certain to feel valued and impressed. Ensuring your visitors feel you value them and their time may also lead to additional clients, better working relationships, and recurring customers.

Your Business is More Secure

The advantages to a streamlined check-in process aren’t just one-sided when you choose building visitor management solutions. Your company can benefit from:

Fewer lines: Instant registration and notifications upon arrival mean your team can work faster and more efficiently, without unwanted guests. These automated services also improve security by allowing for quicker approval times and more cognizant staff when a potential threat arrives.

Improved safety: The built-in surveillance and records of each person’s movement mean you’ll have no unwanted surprises. Plus, you can schedule deliveries and specific visits, as well as check your records in case an incident occurs that needs to be reviewed or addressed.

Automated freedom: With powerful software and instant registration, you can check guests in faster than ever. Deploying a more automated system allows your employees to focus on other work to increase the security of your building.

Overall, improving your visitor registration process with streamlined check-in enables your company to work more safely and efficiently, and provides the best service available to your visitors. If you’re considering a visitor management system, contact the experts at Veristream for a customized demonstration.

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