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Employee Responsibilities with a Visitor Management System

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Employee Responsibilities with a VMS

Once you’ve purchased a visitor management system for your organization, setup and deployment are fairly straightforward. You simply need to set up your lobby with a PC or kiosk, and schedule training with your provider.

Your visitor management system will change the way your company welcomes, documents and manages visitors in many ways your employees may not even realize were necessary. Visitors will no longer sign a paper log where the names of your previous visitors can be viewed. This extremely important for privacy, security, and in some cases, legal compliance.

Involve All Employees in Training

All employees should be involved in your visitor management training process. The security guard or receptionist who will issue visitor ID badges or cards at check-in should be involved in the installation and deployment process from beginning to end in order to fully understand the system. Comprehensive training shouldn’t end there, though.

Every employee should be made fully aware of the company’s visitor security policies and understand each policy’s rationale. If a staff member is expecting a guest, it should be their responsibility to communicate to their guest what will be expected of them at check-in. Front desk personnel will also explain the process upon the visitor’s arrival, but the host employee should disclose it to their visitor in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Employees Can Pre-book Visitors 

Employees can pre-book visitors themselves, saving the guest and your staff time. Pre-registering guests makes them feel more welcomed and reflects well on your company’s professional image. Guests will appreciate their fast-tracked status when they receive their ID badge upon arrival and can move directly to their designated appointment.

When visitors are not pre-registered, they will simply spend a few more minutes at the kiosk or reception desk getting their identification scanned and answering a few questions before proceeding to their destination. A visitor management kiosk designed to display your company’s branding immediately reassures visitors they’re at the right place, and they associate the pleasant check-in experience with your brand.

Every employee needs to be trained in the company’s visitor management system protocols and procedures. From the basic information that all visitors must provide at check-in, to company-specific rules guests must follow while on the premises, ensuring that your entire staff understands how the visitor management system works and their individual responsibilities, confirms its effectiveness in keeping the building and everyone in it safe.

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